Fries Baptist Church

Fries, Virginia

Dr. Marc Bewley, Pastor

11:00 am January 10,  2021

Prelude                                                            Randy Phillips

Welcome and Announcements                         Pastor Marc

Hymn “His Name is Wonderful”                           Hymn 203

Prayer Time

Hymn “I am Resolved”                                         Hymn 301


Hymn “Now I belong to Jesus”                            Hymn 345

Message “How Heroes became Zeroes”          Pastor Marc                                                  
Invitation “Have Thine Own Way”                        Hymn 294


Pastor Marc Bewley’s phone is 205-300-7787

Email is pastorbewley@gmail.com

Church phone is 276-744-2711


On Facebook  @friesbaptist

How Heroes become Zeroes!

The contract:

Exodus 19:1-8

►  God’s plan and promises are always

            an if/then statement.

          ►  Don’t ask God to bless a life that you

                      haven’t given to him.

The collateral:

Exodus 19:9-25

►  Never forget that we serve a high-voltage God.

The breach of contract:

Exodus 32:1-24

►  When we hang with the wrong crowd with

no convictions, bad things “just happen.”

The choice to be made:

Exodus 32:25-35

►  We need to kill off anything

that’s keeping us from God.

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