Fries Baptist Church

Fries, Virginia

Dr. Marc Bewley, Pastor

11:00 am April 11,  2021

Prelude                                                           Randy Phillips

Welcome and Announcements                         Pastor Marc

Hymn “There is Power in the Blood”                   Hymn 132

Prayer Time

Hymn “How great thou art”                                 Hymn 10


Hymn “Higher Ground”                                        Hymn 563

Message “The long road home”                       Pastor Marc                                                  
Invitation “Trust and Obey”                                  Hymn 447


Pastor Marc Bewley’s phone is 205-300-7787

Email is pastorbewley@gmail.com

Church phone is 276-744-2711


On Facebook  @friesbaptist

setting the scene

The Places and People in The Story

►  When “judges” ruled: During the time of the Judges 1300 BC- 1000 BC

►  Bethlehem in Judah: House of bread

►  Moab: Genesis 19:36-37

► Elimelech: My God is the king

► Naomi: Pleasantness

the Wrong direction

always equals The wrong destination

Ruth 1:1-5

► Dead ends and famines can be:

A mess we made

A mess someone else made

Setting the stage for a miracle

Just life

 the first two steps back home

❶ Pursue obedience more than comfort.

❷ The best new chapters begin with faith and honesty.

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