Fries Baptist Church

Fries, Virginia

Dr. Marc Bewley, Pastor

11:00 am April 4,  2021

Prelude                                                           Randy Phillips

Welcome and Announcements                         Pastor Marc

Hymn “Were you There”                                      Hymn 156

Observance of the Lord’s Supper

Prayer Time

Hymn “Christ the Lord is risen today”                   Hymn 533


Hymn “He Lives”                                                   Hymn 203

Special Music Luann Cherry                       “I will rise again”

Message “4 Crowds at Easter”                          Pastor Marc                                                  
Invitation “Softly and Tenderly”                            Hymn 312


Pastor Marc Bewley’s phone is 205-300-7787

Email is pastorbewley@gmail.com

Church phone is 276-744-2711


On Facebook  @friesbaptist

Four Crowds at Easter

What’s in it for me?

Mark 11:1-11, 15:6-15

“I know enough about Jesus to want Him on my side.”


I’m smarter than God.

Mark 11:31-32, 12:12, 14:1-2, 61-65

“I know enough about God to make my own Jesus.”


Great story… see you next year.

“I know enough about Jesus to celebrate the holiday.”


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